Traditional Framers

The craft of traditional timber framing was carried to America by shipbuilders and carpenters from all over Europe. Many of these now historic homes, barns, and outbuildings built centuries ago are still here and can often be found in need of repair.


We believe that these buildings represent the best of American values in that they were built to last through generations of families with a long term view of the future and an intimate connection to the land through farming. In a modern world of quick fixes, instant gratifications, and shoddy construction techniques, the timber frame approach to building has withstood the test of time.


Traditional wood work

Wood work was done traditionally with easy to use tools such as an axe. The axe was used for doing the heavy work and a hatchet would be used for the finer work, especially if you “chocked” down on the axe head. Log cabins in the Scandinavian countries pretty much exclusively used the primitive tool. Popular models include Husqvarna and Gransfors. They also used their axes for different purposes. It was a matter of survival. The axe has always been considered an effective survival weapon.

We use many traditional hand tools alongside an array of modern electric tools but strive in every effort to utilize period appropriate methods of repair and joinery. Not only have these methods proven themselves through longevity, but they create an appealing aesthetic and their use serves to keep the craft of traditional timber framing alive.